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Save over 30% energy with this easy to install programmable gas water heater control!!
Make your water heater last longer !!!

  • You get the savings of an instant water heater without its high cost
  • You do not have to junk your current good water heater to save energy
  • Unlike instant water heater and hybrid water heater, you choose water temperature for different times of the day.
  • For weekend, you can have a different time / temperature cycle
  • Less mineral deposit - Your water heater lasts much longer and works more efficiently.

  • Easy to install - can be installed in 30 seconds
  • Does not tamper with existing control on the water heater - safety is not compromised
  • 4 program settings for weekdays
  • 4 program settings for weekends
  • Vacation setting to save even more when on vacation
  • Temperature override during times of extended hot water needs
  • Hold mode to maintain current temperature
the only fully programmable water heater thermostat today!

    Note: Savings may vary based on usage, location and energy cost
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